Brave Browser (Official Repositories or AUR)?

Hello everyone, I’m a new Manjaro user.

Which Brave Browser to install and which is more stable and have batter performance?

I see 1.32.106-1 offical repositories(community),
and Brave-bin 1.32.115-1.

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The official repos are always to be preferred over the AUR, because that software has been tested. The AUR is technically third-party.

Ultimately however, the choice is yours. :man_shrugging:


My personal experience is the AUR provides new versions of Brave (and any other web browser) way faster than the repositories of Manjaro.
You might want to pick brave-bin, because picking the other, non-stable release packages requires some… bravery.

Also other people, the OP asks about Brave, not alternatives of Brave.


These are technically the same since in the Manjaro repo there is the vendor’s binary repackaged instead of compiling from source (building Brave is very time and resource intensive)

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