Brave browser loads a different profile depending on how it was opened (through terminal, start menu or a shortcut)

Hi all,

I’ve recently noticed a peculiar thing when I use the Brave browser on my distribution. Depending on whether I’ve opened from a terminal, the start menu, or the pinned shortcut on the taskbar - the profile I load is slightly different. Extensions only appear on an environment that I’ve explicitly installed then into. Similarly bookmarks aren’t shared between these versions.

It’s quite annoying having 3 sets of extensions, profiles, histories and bookmarks etc. I’ve had a look through pamac and the snap version is the only one currently installed, although I have a faint memory of removing an installation from the official repositories. This might be where the issue comes from…

Does anyone know what might be the issue? Any help would be appreciated!


I have Brave installed via the AUR (brave-bin) and this behaviour does not occur.

Profiles are stored in ~/.config/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/ - I don’t know if it would be different for the snap version as I don’t use snaps.

Do all those different kinds of startup start the same binary?

I’m not sure. How do I check which binaries they’re loading?

With “same binary” I was trying to target the “same package”-question. Did you perhaps install different packages (repositories vs AUR vs flatpack vs snap)?

Start the program and check with

$ ps -ef | grep brave

That should also show (startup) arguments, which also could have a hand in this.