Brave browser extension FeedBro gives 'Failed to open IndexedDB database ...' and other issues

If I close the browser it all works again. I get this error from Feedbro:

Failed to open IndexedDB database. Your browser profile is most likely broken. On Firefox open about:support and click ‘Refresh Firefox’ to fix it. Then restart you browser.

I had to google the error, I don’t use Firefox, but Brave, the error is similar.

And also icons on my bookmarks disappears. When I restart the browser they come back again.

I think this happens after I put the computer on sleep.

Also seems history doesn’t get recorded. Does Brave suddenly lack some writing and reading options after sleep?

I run 21.2.4 Xfce.

Thanks for tips!

An addon for a chromium-based browser tells you to reset your Firefox profile? This seems very weird.

Sorry. I wrote it wrong, so no wonder you thought that. Fixed it now.

I had to google the error and found the same one in Firefox, I just copy/pasted it. I use Brave.

The problem that happen in Brave is also that the bookmarks icons also disappear and history doesn’t get recorded.

This isn’t a major issue, I can just restart the browser. But would be nice to not have to do that every time.