Brave Browser - Enable Wayland (Hardware Acceleration) Correctly

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to enable Wayland (Hardware Acceleration) under Gnome 40 using the Brave browser. I tried following the steps here:

However, when I look at the GPU config (brave://gpu), under ‘Video Decode’ it says software and not hardware:

Anyone know how to do this correctly? I know I am using the correct flags that are posted in the reddit post.

Any help would would be greatly appreciated.


You can take a look here: Chromium - ArchWiki

It will depend on your hardware but I don’t actually recommend using Wayland yet. It’s still unstable for browsers. I’ve not been able to get Chrome/Chromium to work with hardware video decoding on Wayland (though works decent on X). Chromium developers are starting to enable Ozone on X but have said it is still not ready for Wayland.


Hey @Yochanan,

Thanks for providing the links and info! I guess I am a bit confused by the tutorial you posted and the archWiki for chromium. In the archWiki under “Native Wayland Support” I see the following:

Since version 87, native Wayland support in Chromium can be enabled with the following flags

However, looking at the “Hardware Video Acceleration” section, I see in the purple box:

Wayland is not supported.

So, I’m confused if it is possible to get this working or not? Or maybe I’m running into an issue of some areas of the wiki not being updated?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Chromium does not yet officially support Wayland, that’s why experimental flags need to be used to enable support.