Brave Browser closing, minimizing and maximizing icons show twice

I have an issue with the closing, minimizing and maximizing icons in the brave browser because they are shown twice. Once in the top right of the window which is normal and once in the top bar of the gnome modern layout next to the wifi and sound icons.
Here is a link to a screenshot hosted on imgbb but you have to remove the space because I have to bypass the restriction
https ://
Brave browser is the only application where this bug appears and it only happens when I have the window in fullscreen.
Does anybody have an Idea what could cause this bug and how I can remove the extra icons in the top bar of the desktop.
Thank you


The unite extension that you enabled has some options, but not all applications will follow those options. To remove the window buttons from Top Bar simply set it to Never.

To be honest, the unite extension is not quite something that helps my workflow, hence i don’t use it.

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