Box64 Finally Out for Arm64

Hi Guys, Finally Box64 is out for Arm64. Could we port it to manjaro repo? @spikerguy @Strit @TheMojoMan

I was waiting for this moment. I randomly checked ptitseb’s github page. Finally it is released.

Hope this will be a big thing for the support of Arm64 in the future.

I haven’t tried myself yet. I was very happy therefore I immediately posted this in the forum to let everyone know.

To compile box86, you can use my previous post:

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This is interesting for sure.

I might look into at some point. Be aware, that this does not make running Windows applications possible. Just x86_64 Linux binaries.

Ok happy to hear that. I am pretty sure that at some point, wine64 will work with box64. Because at the moment box86+wine32 gives a very impressive performance for Arm64.

Added to unstable branch.

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Many Thanks @Strit :smiley: