Bottles frontend can't load Adobe Acrobat PDF reader. Is it possible to run Acrobat?

Has anyone used Bottles front-end for loading Adobe Acrobat reader? I tried and failed miserably. The program installs but I get only a black screen after loading PDFs. Any suggestions or stories?

XY Problem: Youre asking about your attempted solution rather than your actual problem . This leads to enormous amounts of wasted time and energy, both on the part of people asking for help, and on the part of those providing help.

Please edit your topic title and post to reflect what you’re actually trying to do.

You don’t need Acrobat Reader. Please see PDF, PS and DjVu - ArchWiki

I completely agree with you there.


I need to create a soft-stack that has PDF and XLS (specifically Acrobat and Excel) dependence. Hence my question.

While the title is improved based on the original, you missed my point entirely.

How so? Please help me rectify it.

Please read my post above again. Click the links for better understanding and for alternative programs that should work just fine for whatever you’re trying to do.

I have taken your point. I use Okular and PDF arranger with great success on a daily basis. So my problem isn’t loading PDFs. But my soft-stack must call Acrobat… I can’t bypass that… not my code…
So my problem remains… which is specifically trying to run Acrobat.

which is possible with wine (bottles being a front end to using it …)

achieve that - then integrate it into your …stack

not sure what that entails - but code … can be adapted :wink:

Am stuck there. Bottles doesn’t recommend Acrobat… so just was trying to find out if anyone has done so successfully.

I don’t know about that (bottles doing “recommendations”)

Can it do it?
If wine can do it …

recommended or not - acrobat can be run through wine

perhaps not every or the most recent version

wine is the back end of bottles - and if wine can do it, so can bottles

I’m sorry, should have pointed this out:

not familiar (at all) with this “app store”

Good to know! Some relief! Cause I’m totally flying blind here.
And no I hate win10 as much as the next guy… so o dual boot… in fact I’ll shy from VMs if possible…

This one dropped straight from the ether :slight_smile:

the point is -
my point anyway -
change your code to call something that is working (natively) instead of requiring to have Acrobat (through wine …) working

or keep trying to get it to work …

and I do
not know
how to make sense of that comment - sorry

Yes it does… just adding this for my own reference

Just a lighthearted jab at the millions of package managers trying to grab one’s attention.

ahh - just the excitement of having found a package manager for wine bottles
(I guess) :wink:

… yet another level of complexity on top of the already existing ones

  • wine is what does the stuff
  • bottles makes it easier to use
  • and now a package manager on top …

Do you personally run Ms Office using Wine? If yes, which version and how do handle licensing issues?
I hate MS Office tools… but the plug-ins are necessary for my projects…

This is off-topic… but since we are live…

I have a feeling they are just trying to inflate their little slice of pie…