Boredland's build issue report

  1. no waybar
  2. exit menu not work, win+shift+e.
  3. testing…
  1. Please include the filename of the image you used (didn’t test yet, but issue might be fixed by now)
  2. Did you start using the “session” starter (selected from tuigreet)?
  1. Manjaro-ARM-sway-rpi4-unstable-202403030236.img.xz
  2. press password, login.

Ya, that is the session pre-select, which is fixed in the current build.

ok, do we have patch-delta file, save bandwidth?

I won’t do deltas on a 1GB file, especially not on unstable.

share wifi from neighbor, can not download|1G|test anymore.

what is status, recent build (0317)?

Wanted to check the state of affairs, but it seems calamares is broken on ARM right now. Will post here if there’s a testable image.