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after enthusiastically using Manjaro with Plasma Desktop for a couple of years on my entertainment laptop (thinkpad x230) now i have decided to take the next step and install it on my working machine (thinkpad x430). Everything works fine out of the box but i am a bit surprised to find the sparse grub-bootmenu (dualboot still).
I really like the fancy bootmenu that i have on the x230. Is there a possibility to get this?

Thank you very much for an answer. And greetings to all member of this forum

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Not sure why, but the GRUB theme was dropped on the new ISO’s.

You can enable it again by editing /etc/default/grub

In short:

sudo nano /etc/default/grub

Scroll down to the bottom, paste the following line:


update grub config with:

sudo update-grub


Setting the theme is done by the postinstall of grub-theme-manjaro, which should be present according to the supplied package list.


WOW! This fast!!

Thank you very much to both of you! Both ways worked just fine and with the pamac-option i even get a ton of new bootmenu-themes i didn’t know existed.

sorry moson, i tried to mark both entries as a solution but as it appears only one can be chosen.
Thank you again.

For some reason it does not apply that with a fresh install from the ISO although the package is installed by default. :man_shrugging:
But yeah. Uninstalling and installing that package again will fix that indeed.

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