Bootloader failed to install

The title is pretty explanatory. I am trying to install the full latest KDE iso. I get the error code 1 message in the end.

As you boot up take a look if you boot up in UEFI or
normal mode with your install media ( UEFI CD
versus SATA DVD, or UEFI USB vs. normal USB boot )
Depends on your BIOS settings:

if you have UEFI boot settings in your bios you need to create
a UEFI boot partition. And set it as bootable with Gparted
for example.

Usually, it is without problems if you just choose to
delete the entire hard drive, then the installer takes care of such
details. If you partition yourself then you need to assign and flag
boot partitions.
Good luck with that, and KDE is a great choice as I find :slight_smile:

I am trying to replace an existing Mint partition which has now become a Manjaro partition. Am I getting something wrong?

see this

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