Booting into Manjaro opens Dell performance check

I am trying to use Manjaro, but it just opens the Dell performance check when I use the boot menu to boot into it. I have a HDD that it is on, and a SSD with Windows 11. I have an i7-11700 and a RTX 3060 in a XPS 8940. Did I miss something?

Seems like boot order or bootmenu or bootloader problem. I am not sure which menu do you mean (UEFI or GRUB), but either the menu entry does not correspond to the partition number, or the boot loader is broken and the system tries the next bootloader/partition.
You can try reinstalling GRUB.

And by the way GRUB remebers what you booted last by default and the menu might be hidden. So if the GRUB menu is hidden unhide it (we can tell you how) or just hit ESC

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I meant the UEFI boot menu, but I will try that.

It did not work.

I just fixed it by setting my secure boot settings to Audit mode.

So it could not boot because manjaro does not support secure boot and automatically went to recovery.
“Audit mode” should be a marketing word for “disabled” :grinning:

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