Bootable USB has MBR partition. How to make a bootable USB having GPT partition?

I followed the Manjaro wiki and created a bootable USB drive of the latest minimal Manjaro ISO using the dd command on Ubuntu. I first formatted the USB to have GPT partition using gnome-disks Screenshot_20210820_161655
and then used

sudo dd bs=4M if=manjaro-kde-21.1.0-minimal-210817-linux513.iso of=/dev/sda status=progress oflag=sync

to flash the iso. After completion, I checked using the partition type of the bootalbe USB using gnome-disks and it shows MBR partiion


How do I make this partition GPT?

check in your UEFI motherboard

  • no secure boot
  • no fastboot
  • no CSM
  • no legacy
  • all disks on AHCI
  • no Optane/RST
  • UEFI on ( not windows , it can be other UEFI )

the USB sitck should appears like this
UEFI: < USB vendor name > < partition 1 or 2> → thiw will boot in EFI