/boot/vmlinuz-5.15-x86_64 not found. Stuck in LUKS security partition

Hi there,

I botched an update and now I am stuck without a kernel. I have found the solution on this forum, but the problem I am having is that my Manjaro install is encrypted with LUKS, so I am not sure how to install with a USB image. Can someone help me?

  • boot from USB - the live system

  • list the partitions to find the one that your encrypted system is on
    lsblk -f

  • open the encrypted container
    sudo cryptsetup open /dev/sdXy encrypted

  • mount the resulting /dev/mapper/encrypted
    to … /mnt for example

sudo mount /dev/mapper/encrypted /mnt

Then do:
manjaro-chroot /mnt

and install a new (or the old) kernel

observe the messages during the process

I opened the encrypted container, that was much easier than I expected.

Now I am trying to launch chroot. Do I type it exactly like you put it there, or does /mnt have to be the path of the encrypted drive? because I am having a hard time figuring out what that path is

would the path look something like /dev/dm-0 ?

when I list the partitions, this is the partition I am looking to access, but I don’t know what to type in place of ‘/dev/sdXy’

│    vfat   FAT32 NO_LABEL
│                       E288-9B1B                                           
     crypto 1           21265b7a-63f5-45e9-9197-3264b5fd84e9                
     ext4   1.0         6f7f8357-8efd-4376-9731-020627b33685  226.1G    43% /run/media/manjaro/6f7f8357-8efd-4376-9731-020627b33685

no - it would look like what I wrote:


IF you opened the encrypted volume the way I described

I’d suggest that you stay in the terminal - instead of having the file manager do the work for you.
Because then you end up with not knowing where to chroot to

I’m sorry - I’ll not be able to help you more - someone else might have the time. I don’t.
And I don’t have a setup where I could test and verify commands I give here.

You’ll need to come to understand the process - then it is simple.
Without understanding it’s all just as if I was speaking in riddles to you.

  • open the encrypted container
  • mount it to somewhere
  • chroot into it
  • fix your system as if it was the real one - the only limitation is that you only have the terminal, not a graphical environment to do it.

so to open, I would type

sudo cryptsetup open /dev/sdb encrypted

Does that make sense based on the partition?

Can you lay it out for me exactly what I would type based on what i got back from lsblk-f ? I am really quite lost

│    vfat   FAT32 NO_LABEL
│                       E288-9B1B                                           
     crypto 1           21265b7a-63f5-45e9-9197-3264b5fd84e9                
     ext4   1.0         6f7f8357-8efd-4376-9731-020627b33685  226.1G    43% 


/dev/sdb is a whole device, not a partition on it
But you are using a nvme - so /dev/sdXy does not make sense

In your last post:
you already opened it - through the file manager, I presume

lsblk - f
once again

Ok, well I really appreciate your help so far. Can I ask one more thing, and hopefully its a simple question: I think I have mounted and accessed the partition with chroot but I am not sure what to do from here, it looks like it is prompting me to type a number in. Can you tell me what to do from here?

sudo manjaro-chroot /run/media/manjaro/6f7f8357-8efd-4376-9731-020627b33685

I just don’t know what sh-5.1# means and it wants me to type something after it

it looks like you are chrooted, so rerun update again:
pacman-mirrors -f 5 && pacman -Syyu
if there are errors post the output here, if there are no errors and you are up to date, check with:
(this should return nothing);
then check what kernels you have installed:
mhwd-kernel -li
and reinstall them all, for example:
pacman -S linux515 linux61 linux64
if you are using nvidia, reinstall also the nvidia modules, for example:
pacman -S linux515-nvidia linux61-nvidia
if there were no errors, exit chroot:

ok that worked, I am back into my system. Thank you very much both @brahma & @Nachlese for your patience and support.

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