Boot to black screen after crash

This is actually the second time I have had this issue, I was playing thief 2 after applying a patch and I had to restart after a freeze. Following the restart I was met with a black screen after the grub menu. I was not able to get to tty3 or anything, but I have an install disk and I’m able to boot with the nomodeset option in GRUB. I also have an install of Lubuntu on another drive, so I have access to all my files/can chroot.

So far I’ve tried reinstalling graphics drivers, doing a package update and I’ve poked around the logs (if someone could explain how/where to paste them I can update) it seems that my Xorg is getting the error “no screens found”

I would just reinstall but its such a hassle and I would rather just figure out how to fix this in the event that it happens again.


some questions:

What patch?

What are your wine settings for this game? I guess you use wine?

What modeset have you set?

Xorg logs are here: /var/log/

Output of sudo inxi -Fxxxa would be useful.

journal of the last and current boot: journalctl -b -0 > ~/currentboot.log and journalctl -b -1 > ~/lastboot.log

Please post it as code here. Here are more information: