Boot Splash Screens and Previews

Is it normal for this screen to have no previews?

I mean - I don’t remember it ever did have previews… is it fixable, or just ignored?

Hi @Ben,

I believe you’re using Plasma 6, right?

Your boot splashes might simply be for 5.x, so is not gully compatible with 6. Here’s mine, and I’m still on 5.27:

They’re for Plymouth, but they never did show previews.

I think you’re confused with Splash Screens, not Boot screens :wink:

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Oh, well, then…I’ve got nothing. Nope, not 1 darn thing. Never used Plymouth, and from all the problems regarding it I see on the forum, I’m very happy 'bout it this way and not going to change it anytime soon.

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You don’t have the Manjaro boot screen?

I have my Grub setup with a theme, it takes around 15 seconds to boot when I press enter, which isn’t a problem, and then it’s my login, that’s it.

I have never seen any - if that is normal I have no idea.

I do use Plymouth especially when encrypted the Plymouth 24.x provides a nice input screen using the configured terminal keymap.

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I have KDE 5 installed on two machines, only the most recent install has the boot splash screen in the KDE menu, like yours so no preview. Both machines are on KDE 5.27.11

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Yes, I actually installed a couple of new ones - they did have a static preview - but they also didn’t really work either… but it’s not really worth messing with much (just curious really).

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