Boot sequence getting stuck on containerd container runtime

Hi all - I updated my Manjaro KDE for RPi today and restarted, but after that i keep getting stuck at this line

“Started containerd container runtime”

I have left it on for almost an hour, but to no avail. pls help and suggest if there are any alternatives to a clean re-install. I have copied over the cmdline and config files along with bash history to another computer, but would like to save the existing set-up if i can.

R-Pi4, 8 GB, have been using Manjaro for a few months before this. My Ubuntu drive is working just fine. today.

I am unable to attach the pic of the screen given a new user.

Many thanks in advance.


You might have to insert the sd card in the computer and chroot into the sd card os with qemu and disable containerd on boot and then try run it on the RPI device.

As without any detailed information I have no idea what could have gone wrong with containerd.

Thanks for the pointer spikerguy ! much appreciated. will let you know how i get on