Boot or Installation Issue (i3 edition)

I tried to install manjaro i3 edition 4 times and everytime I failed.
“Installation completed.” it says, I reboot my laptop and boot menu opens. I cannot boot the OS.
Maybe it is because my partition failure (550M fat 32 efi system partition “/boot/efi” mount point and “boot” flag set <|> 20G linux swap partition and swap flag set <|> the rest of the space ext4 file system / mount point and root flag set) (for the other disk ext4 file system /home mount point)

Can you check the boot sequence in the UEFI Bios ?

First one is manjaro

Is there a wrong about my manual partitionin btw? maybe flags

Can you post the partitioning ?

Only for the “EFI System” Partition set the “boot” flag.
For the other partitions don’t set any flag even if it is the correct one.

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