Boot manager does not show up

I tried to install manjaro for almost 3 days and when I managed, there was a problem - boot manager does not show up after computer startup.
Can it be fixed to show it or am I forced to use easybcd?

(im bios, not efi)

Thanks in advance for any help! <3

check your bios settings if bios or efi is enabled and check if there is something called fastboot or equal. that must be disabled before installation.

hi, thanks so much for your answer.
my bios is: e7823ims v3.9 and I don’t see any bios/efi switch.
in the previous topic, someone told me to use this command:

test -d / sys / firmware / efi && echo efi || echo bios

the answer was: bios.

msi fastboot and fastboot was turned off before installation.

when I used easybcd for a while and when I chose manjaro, the boot manager showed up normally.

do you have any more ideas?

are you using dualboot with windows ?

could you say what you mean? I don’t know computers that well.

I don’t know if it can be helpful but:

  1. I thought that I could set easybcd to boot only with manjaro - and indeed, the boot manager from manjaro did boot after turning on the computer, but when I press the windows launcher button, nothing happened.

when in esacybcd I have boot for windows/manjaro enabled:
being in manjaro boot manager and press the windows launcher button the again gave me a boot choice from easybcd.

i don’t know for what reason you are using easybcd and i don’t know this application. my question was if you wan’t to run ms-windows besides linux or only linux.

yeah c:

Hello @croitek :wink:

I am sorry, but i never used that application, but for clarification what you have, it would useful to get some infos.

Please boot a live session (manjaro installer ISO) and open there a terminal. Then type these commands there:

The Partition Table matters here. GPT or MS-DOS?

sudo parted -l

Please post the full output here. thanks

If you have Windows and Manjaro on the same disk, then Manjaro will overwrite the MBR (Master Boot Record) and it should boot Grub instead of the Windows Boot Loader.

If you installed Manjaro on another HDD and wrote the MBR there, then you need change the bootorder at your BIOS and boot this disk first.

Hello! Thanks again for your help.
Can I just run the manjaro? not the iso installer?

Yes sure. If you can boot your installation.