Boot loader in different hard disk and partition table

I have two disk A and B, both MBR
the B disk was unallocated and never used, I wanted to install Linux in A disk because that’s my main disk, but It has reached max partitions
So im installing Linux in the second drive, My question was that can I use disk B as storage disk and A as Bootloader, or should I install both in the same disk B

while installing Manjaro it prompts me to configure a gpt table and create a bios_grub partition, I am not able to upload media files or links so I cant send an image
is it necessary to do this, because I dont want to risk changing the partition table of my drive and will it cause any problems in the future if I do not do it
This is my first experience with linux so Im sorry if what im asking doesn’t make sense :slight_smile:

it is not possible

What is not possible? Installing the boot loader in a different drive? or Installing manjaro without converting to GPT

installing bootloader to different drive

kk thanks
I’ll install the bootloader on the same drive,