Boot in black screen, issues

So i got a issue today, it boots but in a black screen. Startx gives me some errors.

I suppose this has something to do with graphic card drivers? It’s AMD.
I remember installing some PRO AMD drivers few days ago, but it worked until i rebooted it today.
Any help is appreciated, i don’t know what to do next.

For some reason i can’t upload picture…
Basically i get to check xorg.1.log file and
Xinit: giving up
Xinit: unable to connect to x server: connection refused
Xinit: server error

Some segmentation faults and what not.

So apparently, you can’t have both types of driver, open source and proprietary.

Removing amdgpu-pro drivers and everything related to them solved the issue.

Maybe it’s dumb, but it could help someone in the future.

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