Boot freezes on no irq handler for vector and started CUPS scheduler, then X server doesn't start

Hi everyone

I had this 55 no irq handler for vector issue for sometime, but all it did was slow my boot time so i wasn’t concerned. Unfortunately, after I updated today something broke and and I coudn’t pass this issue. That’s fine, there is probably solution for it. And there was solution on the forum (unfortunately, i can posts links YET), which allowed me to somehow get through one issue straight into another one - boot now freezes on ‘Started CUPS scheduler’, which was solved with help of another one forum threads

and what is wrong now, you may ask? Well, my xsystem gives me xf86enableioports: failed to set IOPL for I/O error

i can log into TTYbut thats basically it
yes, it’s the same for all kernels

I tried to reinstall, because i was planning to anyway, but then it gave me kernel panic, and i’m in the pickle

My systems specs are:
ryzen 3 3100
asrock x570 extreme 4
radeon hd 5770 (placeholder)
manjaro KDE; kernel 5.9; 5.8; 5.4; 4.19

I’ll provide more info once I establish ssh server on faulty rig using tty

So, at 11.45pm local time I realized that i can stand in front of pc and scream ‘Go Time Wizard!’ and my rig will return to state from the day before

So, yes, I took the ‘easy way’ of timeshifting
I’ll hold updating for a while and hope that next kernel update/release fixes the handle issue and rest of my problems are results of my mistakes

Anyway, if anyone have possible solutions, please, share them, and I’ll try them out anyway

I had the same error.
Try to restart your system a couple of times. Linux is quite self-healing.

In my case I had after a motherboard replacement first

a boot crash after the infamous irq handler missing for vector messages,
then I got the cursor with crashing x-server,
then I got in, but terminal ini -Fxz crashed when coming to the sensors,
now ini -Fxz works fine. (Although the irq handlers are still missing)

Stay cool, and reboot. And reboot.
No thowing monitor out of the window :relaxed:

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To be honest I’m perfectly willnig to downgrade bios just to remove the issue and then upgrade it when kernel gets patches, it’s just frustrating.
This and also ISO’s not booting because of kernel failure