Boot doesn't continue

when start up my laptop if find this message /dev/nvme0n1p8: clean xxx/xxx files, xxx/xxx blocks
and it stop booting , i get a black screen

What did you do before?

Can you open tty?

yes , i tried the command startx and get nothing

updated the kernel and linux headers i reboot the system ,it works well but then this problem came

Do you mean you installed a newer kernel version (such as 5.13) or that you only updated the current version, such as 5.10.59 → 5.10.60?

What if you boot into a different kernel (if applicable) or try to boot with the fallback option?

installed new kernel version and when booting from the old kernel the same problem happens

It could be an improper graphic driver being used at boot. You’d probably find a solution by reading following: