Bmenu missing Manjaro ARM

Hello, I recently put Manjaro ARM on my new RPi400 (since Archlinuxarm uses a mainline linux kernel for 64bit support instead of the RPi foundation solution with arm_64bit). I opted for i3 mostly to conserve resources for the servers that I will also be running on it. I noticed a problem with it though.

The helptext on the desktop says “mod+ctrl+b” for bmenu: 2020-12-07-181759_267x209_scrot

However, bmenu doesnt exist. Hitting the shortcut does nothing and running bmenu in terminal says it doesnt exist:
$ bmenu zsh: command not found: bmenu

pacman -Ss bmenu:

I can only assume this is the intended program:

Will it be included in the repos soon/at all?

Thanks in advance

Edit: changed code with image

Edit2: Apparently gksu is also missing:

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Hello and welcome to the forum,
As i3 is maintained by @oberon he is the right person to answer this.

I have just started to test i3 lately.

Thanks and thanks for the info. Hopefully he has more information on this topic.

Maybe also useful to add: this is right after burning a freshly (~2 days ago) image.