Blurry Qt and Electron apps when I use fractional scaling

Hello there, I use a 125% scaling factor for better readability on a 1440p screen, which works fine with GTK-Apps. But Qt and Electron based applications (Such as VS Code) look like they are just being upscaled by that factor, which is very annoying to work with.

On the left of this screenshot you can see the calculator which is displayed sharply and on the right a QT-App (QGIS) as an example with washed out icons and text.

This also happens with Firefox, but I can fix it with a workaround I found in the internet, which brings other disadvantages though.

I am running Manjaro Gnome on its latest version with AMD Radeon vega 8 graphics.

Anyone knows why this is happening and how I can fix that? Thanks!

I think you issue has - possibly - several causes - I can only make guesses on this.

First thing - many Qt-based applications needs a special configuration when the core application is initialized to be able to correctly respond to fractional scaling.

I have a hobby project based on Python and PyQt (dormant for the time being) and I had this scaling issue - but I eventually found this initializing sequence.

I suspect that some applications has not yet reached the level of complaint that justifying the rewrite it takes.

Second thing - I vaguely recall a forum conversation on Gnome and Qt which involves a gnome specific Qt component - please try searching both but also the

It has been a few months but I had no time to deal with that lately. This does not happen with some of those applications, it happens with every single Qt and Electron based application I have installed. I have been looking here for solutions, but
doesn’t work and the solution for Electron based applications requires to set up a configuration for every application individually, which is too much effort to me.

I don’t think that this is supposed to happen on a full-updated system, so I guess anything is wrong with my configuration. I just can’t figure out what.

Update: Tried a few things but I think Wayland is just not ready to be used with fractional scaling for many applications yet. I switched back to Xorg and found a nice package to do what I was looking for:
Works pretty good except for a couple of applications where I had to set up things like icon size by myself.