BlueZ Battery Provider

Hi all, I noticed a strange error in the bluez logs while debugging an unrelated problem. Does anyone know what this is?

[D][08941.634922][backend-native.c:  870 rfcomm_hfp_ag()] native: battery level: 80%
[E][08941.635952][   bluez5-dbus.c:  335 on_battery_provider_registered()] bluez5-monitor: Failed to register battery provider. Error: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod
[E][08941.635974][   bluez5-dbus.c:  336 on_battery_provider_registered()] bluez5-monitor: BlueZ Battery Provider is not available, won't retry to register it. Make sure you are running BlueZ 5.56+ with experimental features to use Battery Provider.

I’m using bluez 5.61-1 on 5.14.7 kernel.

Try enabling experimental features. In /etc/bluetooth/main.conf, uncomment #Experimental = false and change the value to true:

# Enables experimental features and interfaces.
# Defaults to false.
Experimental = true

Restart the Bluetooth service or reboot after:

systemctl restart bluetooth

Thanks a lot, this works! Now the battery status of Bluetooth devices also show up in the battery indicator. Is there a reason Manjaro doesn’t enable this by default?

For one, it’s experimental. Secondly, the bluez package is directly imported from Arch.

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