Bluetoothd using entire CPU Core?

I’ve got a bluetooth keyboard/mouse combination that I have successfully paired to the Raspberry Pi 4 (thanks, @Strit).

Now, even when the Bluetooth keyboard is turned off, bluetoothd is using an entire CPU to do…something. Utilization is 99-100 percent at all times.

The only thing I changed in /etc/bluetooth/main.conf was set AutoEnable to true, so the bluetooth adapter is turned on whenever the computer boots.

I also told it to trust the paired keyboard.

Any ideas?

EDIT: This problem went away after turning off the keyboard and rebooting the machine. So, now I’m doubly confused. Is it possible I’ve got something set wrong so that as soon as a bluetooth connection is made, CPU usage spikes and doesn’t release until reboot? This feels like a bug.

A difficult to reproduce one unless you actually can reproduce it reliably.

I used to have similar issue but it got fixed with reconnecting. And further reconnection doesn’t make it reappear. It doesn’t even reappear if I forget the device then readd. Really it’s just a one time problem, this is very difficult to even find the cause, let alone fix.

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I’m certainly not going to stress about it if it only happens once. So far, I’ve restarted the pi, disconnected and reconnected the bluetooth keyboard, and not seen the issue recur, so I’m going to assume it’s gone. :slight_smile:

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