Bluetoothctl missing in my installation

Input : bluetoothctl
output : ‘Unknown command: bluetoothctl’

Perhaps because for managing bluetooth, bluez or blueman is not installed, but bluedevil is…
Please check :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve bluez installed only.

This command (for instance) can tell you which package you need to install to have that command available:
pacman -F bluetoothctl

The result is:

pacman -F bluetoothctl
extra/bluez-utils 5.58-1

So: it is in the package called bluez-utils
→ install bluez-utils from the extra repository.


title edited: a missing command is not the same as a non-working command

If a user installs the Manjaro meta package

pamac install manjaro-bluetooth

pamac will install these packages

Depends On            : bluez bluez-cups bluez-hid2hci bluez-libs bluez-plugins
                        bluez-tools bluez-utils pulseaudio-bluetooth

and offer user a choice to select optional dependencies

Optional Dependencies : blueberry: Bluetooth configuration tool
                        bluedevil: Qt Bluetooth frontend
                        blueman: A Gtk+ Bluetooth manager
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Thanks :smiley:

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