Bluetooth USB dongle

I am running Manjaro KDE on a nuci5pak11. Unfortunately, the bluetooth signal to my keyboard and true wireless earbuds is relatively poor. My keyboard is a Keychron K2V2 and the earbuds are Pamu Nano.

My nuc is mounted behind my monitor and the monitor sits on a gas lift arm on the edge of my desk. Apart from the keyboard and earbuds I also have a bluetooth mouse (Logitech M720) which works flawlessly. My keyboard will occasionally lag and hang on an input. The earbuds will generally be quite poor and have choppy audio with a fair bit of distortion.

I have done some research and found out that the design of the nuc is the reason it has such poor bluetooth connectivity, however due to my mouse I am unsure if the issues I have with my keyboard and earbuds are due to the nuc design. The earbuds certainly work with other bluetooth devices flawlessly. So I am thinking to perhaps buy a bluetooth USB dongle and a short USB extension to run the dongle to my desk, below the monitor.

I am considering either the TP-Link UB500 or the Mpow BH519A. Can anyone offer any advice to my situation? Is this an issue that seems likely due to the nuc or is it possibly a result of driver support in Manjaro? Will a dongle fix my situation, and if so, of the two options above which is more viable in terms of support with Manjaro (and possibly Linux in general)?

Thank you in advance. Please let me know if you would like any more details.

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