Bluetooth speaker connected but doesn't appear in sound settings

Hi everyone,
I have some problems making my Wonderboom speaker works with my Dell Precision 7520 laptop that uses Manjaro Gnome. More precisely, I am able to connect to it via bluetooth (i.e. it appears as connected), but it does not appear in the sound configuration (in Pavucontrol or in the sound settings) so I cannot use it as a speaker… Note that I’ve recently switched from Ubuntu to Manjaro and I didn’t encounter this problem on Ubuntu

Also, when this problem is solved, how to automatically switch to speaker audio when it is connected?

Thank you for your help!

Something in bluetooth service, I’ve been experiencing this since the last 2 updates. Some error messages in the log but I’m too lazy to analyze. Restarting the bluetooth service then reconnect should usually fix the problem.

Thanks for your help!
I’ve tried switching off and on Bluetooth and reconnecting device but it does not seem to work for me unfortunately…

Are you using:

$ sudo systemctl restart bluetooth

? AFAIK the one at KDE systray doesn’t work that low.

I installed the latest Manjaro on a new machine that uses a bluetooth dongle and I have this issue as well. On a laptop that ran older versions, I had no issues.

For me only running pkill pulseaudio and then reconnecting works, which is cumbersome and also crashes gnome-session.

It is now fixed. I don’t know what did the fix, it was not working last time I tried but I think I needed switching on and off my computer for some changes and today, while I wanted to use leledumbo’s fix, it worked without it.
Thanks anyway!