Bluetooth Sound Interruptions

For some time now, music played via Bluetooth has always been interrupted briefly at the beginning of a new track. This occurs with all Bluetooth devices and programs (Elisa, VLC) and is annoying. When rewinding, the beginning is played normally.
Everything works fine via AUX or integrated speaker. I have no idea how this problem could be solved with Bluetooth, but I must highlight that I have only been using Manjaro for a short time.
I didn’t have this problem with Kubuntu. My Bluetooth module is a “Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377”.
Does anyone have any ideas on how I can solve the problem?

Thank you very much!

I can’t believe that no one has any ideas. I’ve had the same problem on my desktop PC since I installed Manjaro.

I found a similar error description for Arch Linux. However, the configuration files are missing on my system. Does anyone have an idea how I can still follow the approach?

This is caused by node suspension when inactive.

With [pipewire-media-session]:

Disable this by editing /etc/pipewire/media-session.d/*-monitor.conf depending on where the delay occurs and changing property session.suspend-timeout-seconds to 0 to disable or experiment with other values and see what works.

Alternatively you can comment out the line suspend-node in /etc/pipewire/media-session.d/media-session.conf.

[Restart]both pipewire.service and pipewire-pulse.service to apply these changes, or alternatively reboot.

With [wireplumber], create a new file to overwrite the default configuration:

I found out that my system uses wireplumber, whatever that is. That’s why the configurations seem to be different. I saved them under .config/wireplumber in my personal directory and restarted the specified programs. But even after a reboot the error still occurs. Music is still not fully audible.
What I have now discovered is that Firefox plays the .opus files without any problems. Apparently not all programs are affected and it could also be due to the configuration of VLC.

I would like to repeatedly point out that I hardly know anything about Manjaro. So any kind of help would be very welcome.

I’m sorry I don’t really know anything about Pipewire apart from this Archwiki article. I’m on an old but up-to-date Manjaro installation and still using PulseAudio, with no noticeable lag or dropout using simultaneous output via the local sound card and bluetooth headphones.

I’m mostly using SMPlayer for media playback outside of YouTube with Firefox; VLC for DVD & .ISO playback as that handles the menus properly.

May be worth switching to PulseAudio?

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Thank you very much! I was already considering switching to PulseAudio, but the idea behind PipeWire looks very promising to me.

As I mentioned before, Firefox plays the files without any issues. So I looked deeper into the configuration of VLC. It turned out that it was a faulty setting. The output module must not be set to PulseAudio audio output. Unfortunately, Elisa does not have such a setting; there may be an option outside the UI.

So the problem is solved for me. I may contact the KDE development team to let them know about this bug

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VLC default audio setting for Output module is Automatic

Default configuration can be restored by clicking Reset Preferences or

vlc --reset-config

If you intend to report an issue to PipeWire developers I suggest you include some supporting data about audio streams from audio players:

pactl list sink-inputs


pw-cli ls Node
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Thank you very much! I will definitely do that!

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