Bluetooth scanner doesn't work

I have installed Manjaro with KDE Plasma on my laptop, and I have dual boot with Windows 10. Bluetooth works fine on the second one, so I can connect devices through it.

Although I don’t have any issues with Bluetooth on Windows, it doesn’t work the right way on Manjaro.

I can turn it on via system settings or Blueman manager, but the scanner doesn’t see any devices nearby such as my phone or wireless headphones. When I hover my mouse over the Bluetooth icon in the system tray, the label appears and displays that "No available adapters found’.

I’ve tried different console commands as:

  • bluetooth --help

  • sudo systemctl status bluetooth

  • sudo rfkill list

And they showed that Bluetooth is currently running and working. It isn’t blocked by Soft and Hard. So, I think that problem is in that fact that my computer doesn’t see any devices with Bluetooth while it is still working.

P. S. :frowning_face: I’m sorry for grammatical or technical mistakes, or wrong text desing, I’m kind of new at this. If you need more information to help me in solveing this problem, I can give it.