Bluetooth quality issue with xiaomi headset

I use Redmi Buds 3 Lite headset, not high quality but works perfect with my phone.
Just tried them with my laptop (Manjaro, Xfce).
No detection issue but :

  • connection is not stable
  • power is ~25% even if less than 0,5 m between headset and laptop
  • sound is between bad and awfull, when available
    No idea where to begin. Can you please give advise what to try ?

if there are no connection issues, then there is hardly anything that could be done by software. (having said that pipewire supports all the HD bluetooth codecs by default) usually laptops feature bigger antennas and give better reception than phones. however that is highly subjective on how the antenna is implemented in the laptop.

a common problem experienced by most people is when the bluetooth connection is interrupted by powersaving schemes, (interrupted when no audio is played is expected, but being interrupted when audio is playing need to be fixed)

sound is between bad and awfull

PulseAudio v15.0 release notes suggest how to check or change Bluetooth audio codec

Support for LDAC and AptX bluetooth codecs, plus “SBC XQ” (SBC with higher-quality parameters)

Switching the codec can be done on the command line with
pactl send-message /card/bluez_card.XX_XX_XX_XX_XX_XX/bluez switch-codec '"CODEC"'

Replace XX_XX_XX_XX_XX_XX with the device address, which can be found for example with
LANG=C pactl list short cards

Replace CODEC with one of the available codec names: aptx, aptx_hd, ldac_hq (“High Quality”), ldac_sq (“Standard Quality”), ldac_mq (“Mobile Quality”), sbc, sbc_xq_453, sbc_xq_512, sbc_xq_552.

A list of codecs supported by the device can be obtained with
pactl send-message /card/bluez_card.XX_XX_XX_XX_XX_XX/bluez list-codecs
and the currently active codec can be queried with
pactl send-message /card/bluez_card.XX_XX_XX_XX_XX_XX/bluez get-codec.

A simplified way of switching codecs is already implemented in pavucontrol and will be provided with the next pavucontrol release.

Thanks for your help,
Not sure my description was correct enough.
Connection fails, comes back for few seconds, often strange noice instead of bad quality music.