Bluetooth Mouse repeatedly disconnects after today's update


I’m quite new to Manjaro(and KDE). I moved from Windows as part of a New Year’s Resolution…and frankly, I’m shocked I’ve made it this far. Smile.

Up until today, every single hurdle I’ve had to jump over to get my system up and running I’ve been able to handily overcome. Until now…

My issue started immediately after today’s update.

I performed the update, I rebooted…and now every time I let my BT mouse(Microsoft Surface Mouse) sit for a few minutes…it disconnects. I have to plug in my old usb mouse(Logitech T400 Zone Mouse) and reconnect the BT mouse and it goes back to working just fine. Before this update, I’ve never had a single issue with the mouse. It’s worked perfectly.

I first noticed that it had disconnected while viewing a video about ebikes on yt. So, I attempted to repeat the behavior…and sure enough…after a few minutes, the mouse disconnects.

I’m not sure why it’s doing this…and I do not know what to do here. While I am technically quite savvy and a knowledgeable Windows user(I’m been around since Windows 3.1) I’m a new user when it comes to linux and I searched around looking for a setting that would prevent BT devices from going to sleep or anything to do with energy saving…but found nothing.

I’d be appreciative if anyone could point me in the right direction.


Liquid Cool

The same happens to me on xfce.
I am on both xfce (host) and kde (vm).
No issue on kde so far.
edit: fixed itself after a restart

Thanks for posting…

After resetting the BT mouse about a dozen times, it stopped happening for awhile. Then, it’s only happened twice today. I’ve decided to just put up with it…it’s a minor annoyance and I’ll just keep two mice on my desk until the issue is resolved.

I could think of a lot worse problems to have…


Liquid Cool

check the battery-life of your mouse and make sure that the battery is in a full-state. it’s possible that your mouse uses a energy-saving mode on a low-battery-state.
you can also check


and try to use the


option. restart to take effect


Big fan of Atari.

Appreciate the suggestions…

I checked my battery, it said 71%, but then…when I was viewing it while clicking on the bluetooth icon on the taskbar a couple of times it said 0%. Thought that was strange…I tossed in fresh batteries to just make sure I’m good. It now reads 100%.

Second…in the main.conf…AutoEnable=True was already selected, but FastConnectable=true was set to false. I changed this and rebooted.

I’ll monitor the system for awhile and see if any of these changes made any difference…


Liquid Cool