Bluetooth mouse lagging after 5 sec of idle

When I don’t move the mouse near 5 seconds and after trying to move or scroll, the cursor responds with a near-second delay.
Tried to change in /var/lib/bluetooth/mac-of-your-adapter/mac-of-your-mouse/info value MaxInterval=9 to 6 as one possible solution but didn’t help.

Exclude btusb from autosuspend or disable it completely. See /etc/tlp.conf.

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Hi again @Physicist,



More about kernel parameters:

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I read this and added this parameter to Grub, but with first time it didn’t work.
But it turns out that I don’t re-generate the grub.cfg. Thanks for the link about kernel parameters.
@megavolt thanks for the advice :slightly_smiling_face:
And huge thanks to @Mirdarthos. You just save my day, twice :beers: ))))))

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After you add btusb.enable_autosuspend=0 to the kernel parameters in /etc/default/grub, you have to sudo update-grub to regenerate the config.

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