Bluetooth Mouse Lag when system is loading stuff

Hi, Im on an Asus X205Ta, on linux this device requires some tweeks.

So for getting the bluetooth, on last kernel had to create etc/systemd/system/bluetooth-addr.service:

Description=Set Bluetooth device address

ExecStart=/usr/bin/btmgmt -i hci0 public-addr {YOUR_BLUETOOTH_MAC_ADDRESS}


Which worked great. The thing is that on a bluetooth mouse, the response gets very laggy and slow when the system is loading something, for exampling opening firefox.

I tried the fixes suggested in Bluetooth mouse - ArchWiki (on the troubleshooting about lag) but it didnt work.

I think that perhaps some bluetooth service could need some privilege to run before some other services, but really dont know how to try that or even if its a good idea, so here iam : ) any help welcome !

Are you using a 2.4 GHz WiFi connection? The frequency may be too close to the mouse’s frequency. Try changing channels further away; i.e, from 1 to 11. If possible, use 5 GHz.

Yur a hero!!