Bluetooth microphone crackling using mSBC codec

Hi everyone,

I have issues with my microphone when using the mSBC codec as it makes crackling sounds in all the video calling apps. It seems to work find with the CVSD which however has poorer audio quality and sounds a bit like I’m in “a bottle” - I’ve also recorded some examples to compare the mSBC and CVSD codec.

My headphones work just fine while playing audio on both A2DP and HSP/HFP modes. The issue is only with microphone recording with mSBC.

My system information:
Laptop HP Elitebook 845 g8 (AMD Ryzen 5 5600U)
Headphones Bang&Olufsen H9i
Pipewire 0.3.42-2
Wireplumer 0.4.5-2

Does anyone have any similar issues? I can upload my test recordings if needed as well as any log files if you could just please point me out which ones to provide.

Thanks in advance!

Hi xirmus,

I have exactly the same problem using Sennheiser M2 AEBT on Gentoo with mSBC codec. Previously it was working fine, but since one-two weeks it makes this terrible noise. It seems that the problem is either in pulseaudio/pipewire or bluez/blueman.

I have found the problem: mSBC is brocken with the new kernels. It works great with 5.10.*

gitlab. freedesktop. org/pipewire/pipewire/-/issues/1366