Bluetooth microphone and headset simultaneously

It’s have been a week I’m trying to reach this purpose but I’m still unable to do it.

According to articles and solved issues, I uninstalled the pulseaudio and installed pipewire.
Now when I use HSP/HFP mode audio quality is a little bit lower which is not a problem but microphone is completely noisy! I searched again and I found out that I should use mSBC codec instead of CVSD one but it is not currently supported and I should enable it.

Guides on Internet says I should edit bluez-monitor.conf file but I couldn’t find it:

$ ls /etc/pipewire/media-session.d -a                                                                                                                         
.  ..  media-session.conf.backup
$ ls ~/.config/pipewire/
ls: cannot access '/home/milad/.config/pipewire/': No such file or directory

So where can I find defined codecs?


I followed this link and created file manually, but after restarting pipewire, there is still now support for mSBC codec with HSP/HFP: