Bluetooth Keyboard Issue - repeated key presses

I have a Logitech k480 keyboard that I can switch between three devices using bluetooth. When I use it on a windows computer it works great, ditto with my Samsung tablet. But with Raspberry Pi 4 Manjaro I am able to pair and connect without issue, but I get repeating keys.

I had a period of time before the kernel upgrade in November (?) where it worked fine, so I suspect that.

I need to do more testing on Raspberry Pi OS because I think that would help. I’ll do that next, but if you have any other tips beyond remove and re-pair I’d appreciate it.

Indeed–the keyboard works fine with Raspberry Pi OS, so there is something on the Manjaro side to investigate here.

No clue where to start. What I do know is the kernel config is the exact same as theirs with some extra modules added. The bluetooth firmware is the same and most likely their package versions are older.

I switched to kernel 5.10.0-rc7-1-MANJARO-ARM and i get different behavior–the keyboard indicates it is connected but doesn’t do anything.

That is a really old kernel and really should not be installed. The current -rc I pushed to the unstable branch a couple of days ago which is linux-rpi4-rc 5.11-rc2 I believe if you want to try it. Remember although I have had no issues the -rc kernels are a work in progress.

I’m using 5.11.0-rc2-1-MANJARO-ARM now. It repeats keys although not to the same extrreme that thhhhhhe ccurrennnnnnntt kernel does. (an example there before I switched back to a non-BT keyboard). The BT Keyboard response is delayed too–it delays and then repeats.

Try this: