Bluetooth audio stops after about 40 min of use

I have a Bose QC 35 Bluetooth headset that usually “just works” with Manjaro. Recently though I’ve been re-using it to listen to audio (youtube, online audio, local movies, etc.). It’ll connect just fine and will work, but after about 40 minutes or so the sound will start to get garbled and go quiet as if there’s feedback or loss of signal.

My system is about 8’ away from me which is the only “change” I’ve done physically. I’m on kernel 5.7 right now. I’ve also tried to disconnecting the headsets from a second audio source to see if maybe my phone or something was cutting the audio out, no difference.

journalctl -f doesn’t seem to provide a lot of detail on what’s going on.

Has anyone else had a similar issue or has there been an update to software packages that might cause this?

My Desktop is GNOME.