Bluetooth and pipewire problem : low tone with A2DP or HSP

Very strange behavior with my new bluetooth headset DG10 Pro.
When I’m connected on my phone, the sound is correct and voice listened is clear.
When I’m connected on my manjaro laptop, the sound is lower (not power but tone): a female voice become like a male.

I’ve tested all configuration without change (HSP is lower in quality). What could I check to correct this?

Are you sure this dark brown voice isn’t the result of a better depth compared to that of your phone? Just something to consider; I have nothing useful to add beyond that.


@nikgnomic sometimes has some insight on audio issues; this may attract further attention.

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I’ve many other bluetooth headsets and there is no difference with sound on PC or phone.
Only this new one.

I have nothing to suggest. If, as you say, other headsets have performed to your expectations, and this one hasn’t, the problem would seem to be with the headset. It might be best to check with the manufacturer, or a user manual, if one exists; or exchange the headset for another.

I’m not saying your headset is strictly at fault (though it seems likely), but I’m unable to give any other useful suggestions.


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Maybe, there is a problem with protocol negociation, it’s possible.
I’m still searching around pipewire and wireplumber, but i will send back the headset

Just some strange tests: when switching from A2DP-SBC to A2DP-SBC-XQ, the sound is normal for 1-2 seconds, then become uggly.
Impossible to switch on A2DP-AAC.
HSP/HFP are very (more) ugly.