Bluetooth and Bose solo 5

I have a bose solo 5 soundbar which was recognized directly by bluetooth as soon as it was turned on, but it does not appear in the peripherals. How can I make it visible so that I can stop or start it whenever I want? In the previous version of Manjaro it worked perfectly.

Can you explain more what you mean by that?
Most probably you need to turn on your BT and pair/connect to it, after that you should be able to select it as output via the sound icon…

@TriMoon the first time for all my devices they are identified and I have to pair it in order to be able to use them. but when I start my bose solo 5 it connects directly to bluetooth but it remains invisible. I cannot select it or change the audio output and I cannot disconnect it other than turning it off with the remote control. I also have a trackball and a waccom graphics tablet appearing and everything is working fine.

Oh okay :+1:

Did you try to pair your Bose solo 5 as explained here?

(I assume you didn’t yet…)

If on the otherhand you already did that, but afterwards it stays invisible then im out of ideas and hope someone else can help you further…


This might be helpfull also or at least might be related:

This solution does not work for me. In the previous version of Manjaro 20.1.2, the bluetooth LEDs on the bar were blue until I activate bluetooth to validate this device. There it is activated directly as soon as it is switched on

Then i’m out of ideas :man_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:

Crosslinking to latest version just in case:

I found a solution. Basically when you turn on the bluetooth of this sound bar it lights up in blue while waiting for pairing. Since the Manjaro-kde 20.2 version, the blue indicator light does not light up but it remains white as if it was paired. To have this blue light and for it to be recognized by the system, just click a second time on the bluetooth button on the bar which miraculously finally appears in the peripherals that can be paired.

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