Blue Yeti not recognized by system (Manjaro KDE Plasma)

I rebooted my system (just to be sure) - Manjaro KDE Plasma on the latest stable kernel (5.18.3-1) - and plugged in my Yeti Blue microphone. For some reason it’s not being recognized by my laptop, though the volume control in the tray has an entry for Yeti stereo microphone. Anybody ever experience this? Any tips?

Have you tried using a different usb port (usb2/usb3)? Avoid having other usb devices connected, if possible.

I’ve tried using a different USB port, yes, with no effect. I saw a different post that identified a defective USB cable as the culprit, but haven’t tried that because I see the Yeti is identified in the volume settings in the tray (it’s connecting on some level). I’ve connected the Yeti in the past exactly as I’m doing now with success.

Have you been in your sound settings Input/Output devices and picked the yeti? Since it’s actually working as an audio interface it may have to be set there first.

Thanks for all the help here. Looks like the culprit was a defective USB hub. Ha! Go figure! Up and running now. Thanks for all the help and good suggestions.

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