Blue Yeti Microphone is recognized by my system with no audio input

I have been using Manjaro for a little bit and have recently reinstalled it on a new SSD and have been noticing issues with my microphone. Whenever I boot up my computer through Manjaro after I had installed any Nvidia drivers, the microphone no longer picks up sound unless it is unplugged and plugged back in. I am using a Blue Yeti.
This issue does not occur when I boot into windows through windows bootloader directly.
This however leaves me in a situation where I need to unplug my microphone and plug it back in if I want to use Manjaro.
Through testing I figured out that the issue does not occur if the Nvidia drivers have not been installed.
Does anyone know any further troubleshooting steps and/or a way to fix the issue and also have the Nvidia drivers installed?

Continuing having the issue, however the Nvidia drivers are not installed

How do you install the drivers? Through the linux###-nvidia package on the repo or through dkms?