Bloody a70 gaming mouse not regestering cps on Manjaro Gnome

I recently purchased the Bloody a70 Matte Black mouse for a certain clicking method called drag clicking. To put it simply you drag your finger down the mouse to register multiple clicks. On Windows, Mac OS, and chrome OS, there are no issues with the mouse. On Manjaro, it only registers about 4 cps when it should be 25-50. I assume it is a kernel or driver issue, as it happens on pop!_OS also. I have no idea how to fix it. https:// youtu .be/ GZeW8Sf4MEk (Remove spaces)

Thanks for the help.

Forgot to mention: Happens on kernel 5.10.41 & 4.19.192.

same problem here
@Jtyle6 why facepalm reaction?

Sorry, just a old reaction to old Forums that I used to Lurke in.

And why for the reaction. No information sharing info on what could be the problem.

Have you tried a4tech-bloody-driver-git from AUR ?

not yet, but I found another solution:
just run the script and it should work.