Blinking login screen, no user available

After booting Manjaro, when I arrive at the login screen, there is no user available to choose, just the text „Not listed“.
The screen is blinking on and off in 1 second intervals, there is no possibility to click on the not listed button.
I have never seen this before.

I am using Gnome as window manager, the operating system is up to date

Did anybody see this one before?

Please search the forum - there is plenty similiar topics

Not quite, do you have an example?
I only found blinking cursers, no blinking screens, which is not the same

It is well known that when GDM stalls like this - the most likely cause is an incompatible extension.

Swtich to a TTY, login and disable all your extensions - then restart the system.

If the issue persist then GPU drivers may cause it - the majority cause is Nvidia.

These can manifest after a sync - especially Plymouth can cause it because Plymouth has changed and relies on early KMS.