Blender cannot start

…but that is known. What I dont know if it is known is that Blender cannot start and gives this back in the console

How (if possible) can I increase these SSBO’s?

Hi @ButterflyMelissa,

According to this:

That error message refers to something experts like to call “a low-level GPU computation thingy.” This is most likely a GPU or GPU Driver issue. But if so, you would also most likely be experiencing issues in other 3D apps besides Blender.

Here are the actions I would consider to isolate the problem:

Test performance in other 3D apps or in older versions of Blender
Test Blender in a fresh Linux installation or on a Live CD
Revert to an earlier graphics driver version
Replace GPU (mine began causing strange error messages in Blender shortly before it died)

So it’d seem it’s an older GPU issue…

Well, the thingie has a name (and age) :

Caicos [Radeon HD 6450/7450/8450 / R5 230 OEM] (ATI Technologies Inc)

And…possibly, I may need to think of an other one…as I feared :grin:


That is, indeed, how it would seem, yes.

Well, it seems thingie had a good run, at least…

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