Blender 3.x stopped working, reinstall has no effect

Recently Blender has become unusable and I have no idea why.

There are no logs that i can find and launching it from the terminal tells nothing special.

Blender creates about 30 processes that do not do anything, doesn’t matter how long I wait.

I have tried deleting blender’s config files, switching to the steam version but nothing seems to work.

Can someone shed some light on this bizarre issue?

I started my version of Blender 3.2.2 today and it seems to run fine. Which version gives you problems?

3.2.2 does exhibit the issue.
I don’t know what previous version did work, I haven’t used blender in quite a while.

Is it possibly a problem with your graphics card? With Blender 3.0 the support for open gl was stopped.

Again i couldn’t replicate your problem, perhaps somebody else can. Have you started Blender from the commandline as that might give an indication upon the problem when starting?

terminal = commandline
That is with or without debug messages enabled.

Regarding the graphics card, I guess that could be a thing technically, but it seems unlikely (i’m running a gtx1080 with proprietary drivers)