Blender 3.0 - No NVENC options available

Hi, I’m trying to get NVENC options to show up as an encoder/codec option in Blender and could do with a bit of advice.

I’m left with the understanding that I need to compile a version of FFmpeg with NVENC capabilities or install one.

Looking through the AUR the only download I see is for ffnvcodec-headers-git. I’ll be honest, I’m really not sure what I should be installing to get this working.

What is confusing is that OBS has NVENC options there so does Davinci.

ffmpeg -help encoder=h264_nvenc suggests I already have --enable-nvdec --enable-nvencso my guess this is a Blender issue?

I found that the version of Blender 3 in the main repo was missing Optix option, so installed 3.0 from the AUR and got the Optix option. I’m waiting for the 3.1 AUR version to build to see if I can get both the Optix, and NVENC capability.

I’m hoping there are some Blender/NVIDIA users on Manjaro that would be able to tell me what they do to get this working as I’ll be waiting a long tome for 3.1 to compile, and I’m really not optimistic it’s going to make a difference as I suspect something else is needed. What does everyone else do?

There’s an open Arch bug report about it: FS#72921 - [blender] Blender 3.0 is lacking Nvidia Optix support

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