BlackArch suite in Manjaro

I just wanted to tell people that it’s 100% possible to install the ENTIRE blackarch software suite in Manjaro, with little to no conflict. I’ve seen a few posts here talking about how Manjaro is “not arch” and it 100% is. I have the blackarch suite in Manjaro on my desktop, 2 laptops and a Chromebook. I also have it on a usb drive that can be used in anyone of those and as a virtual machine. I’ve had a few minor issues that I’ve been able to remedy fairly quickly with a google search and a few commands. Anyone who tells you that this is “bad” or “doesn’t work” is just lying to you. Manjaro is the best all around Linux distro out there and it’s the only one I will EVER use for literally anything you can possibly use Linux for.

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:warning: Disclaimer: Third-party repos are neither officially supported by Arch nor Manjaro. Using third-party Arch repos like BlackArch assumes one is up to date with Arch. The only way to do that with Manjaro is to use the unstable branch. See Switching Branches - Manjaro for more info.

I’m glad you’re enjoying Manjaro and you are free to do whatever you’d like on your own system. Even @linux-aarhus creates hybrid, unsupported configurations and shares them with us. :laughing:

However, don’t expect any kind of support here unless you preface your support request mentiong what third-party repos you use. As long as you make us aware, we may be able to help out regardless with some things.


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Idk, I’ve been able to figure out any issue I’ve ever had on my own. I absolutely LOVE Manjaro. I used to dual boot Ubuntu years ago, when I had no idea what I was doing and I just absolutely fell in love with Manjaro the second I started using it. It’s so powerful, yet so easy to use. I’m a budding (white (maybe grey) hat) hacker and it’s worked astoundingly well for everything people tell me to use Kali for. It also works well as a general use OS too. The only thing I use windows for now is gaming and I haven’t booted into it in months.

Quite a lot is possible

  • I have created a Manjaro which only use 120MB RAM with GUI
  • I created a frankenjaro for testing Plasma 6 using Arch kde-unstable repo
  • I also compile kernels for testing

So yes a lot is possible and for as long as you know what you are doing by all means go ahead.

The reason why you see a lot of the answers don’t do - won’t work - is because quite often it is members new to Manjaro and Arch - but they have seen a wellknown tv-series about a psycotic hacker - search the net and find BlackArch and Kali - not many find Archstrike.

So while a lot is possible - some possibilities should not be explored by those new to Linux and the Arch world.

There is also a mention in BlackManjaro -- Manjaro Linux for Penetration Testing

I personally wouldn’t put all the tools on Manjaro, because the issue is that on Blackarch you have certain malware/payloads you are also loading into the toolsets ie the ones in MSF.

If you’re concerned about security it is a risk having them in your main system. Often times these pentesting OS should be kept separate from your base distro in some form, typically in a containerized environment like LXC or docker.

In the old days we just would use VMs. But you know, nothing really stopping you from doing anything honestly.

If I’m being honest, the blackarch repo works better for me in Manjaro stable, than it does in unstable, arch, or even blackarch itself. I recently switched to Arch as my main distro (my Manjaro stable install with all the tools was still working fine btw) just because I got bored and wanted to try something new. I noticed that when I installed a bunch of the tools (from the blackarch repo and AUR) in an unstable or pure Arch VM, that it would break FAR more often and much more severely, than Manjaro stable ever did. The stable branch holding back packages for a while actually gels really well with all of the pentesting tools from blackarch and even the AUR, while Arch and the unstable branch just don’t. When comparing tool versions from the AUR and blackarch, I noticed that the blackarch repo is usually behind the AUR versions, which is another reason that blackarch gels better with the stable branch than it does on even a pure arch install. I like using Manjaro unstable or pure arch as a host system (my desktop is arch and my new laptop is manjaro unstable), but for my training and bug bounty VMs, Manjaro stable just straight up works and it never lets me down. Blackarch and Arch constantly broke (I think installing Pamac in Arch had something to do with it :sweat_smile:) and I was tired of having to fix or reinstall them. I have a Kali backup VM, but I really don’t like it at all (or Debian/Ubuntu), as it’s nowhere near as versatile and durable. I’ve also gotten so used to pamac, that I just can’t use anything without it. When pairing pamac with the blackarch repo, it just breaks Pacman in unfixable ways, in Arch or Manjaro unstable (which seemed like Arch with a desktop environment pre installed). Idk, I love Arch, but sometimes it’s too bleeding edge for pentesting. Without blackarch installed, I could fix pamac and pacman in Arch pretty easily, with no further issues. I kept having to delete db.lck with blackarch and pamac in unstable/ arch though whenever I had to install something. :rofl: Manjaro stable, however, just works perfectly with all of it and it’s probably because you guys hold back packages.