Black Screen with the cursor, while installing

I’m first time installing manjaro os but it’s showing black screen with cursor after entering default password manjaro please help me install it

be more specific… after you booted manjaro iso from usb disk, youll enter a black screen?


Yess thanks for replying
Why it’s showing the black screen?

i dont know… i also dont know why its even asking for a password to begin with…
what software did you use to flash your usb?
are you dual booting?
do you have nvidia graphics?
do you have a bios or uefi?


I used rufus 3.1
I’m not dual booting
I don’t have nvidia graphics
Yes i have a bios or uefi

As soon as I enter the password and press enter, the cursor is freezing and the screen is turning black.

I’ve low end pc with 2gb ram

It hasn’t even completely installed yet but it’s freezing at black screen

so did it normally booted from usb and you installed it, and you cant get into your instal? or you cant get into the live usb session… if you have only 2gb than try the latest xfce edition, download/ torrent it from this link
and for flashing it onto the usb use software: ventoy

I’ve downloaded the latest kde plasma version

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ok, so try KDE and use Ventoy to flash it onto usb

GNOME and Plasma are both too heavy for a machine with only 2 GiB of RAM, and I would even recommend against XFCE on such a machine, given that its memory footprint is about the same as that of Plasma.

You would be much better off trying one of the lightweight desktop environments like LXDE or LXQt, or better still, a simple window manager like OpenBox.


Can you provide link of the iso file

Please Recomend something lightweight for 2gb ram laptop :pensive: